10 Steps to Avoid Foundation Repair

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Follow These 10 Steps to Protect Your Foundation

When you are a homeowner there is nothing more important that making sure your home has a sturdy foundation. Your foundation is what your whole house is standing on, so it needs to be kept healthy and strong. It is the base of the house so when there are foundation problems they affect the whole house. Common signs of foundation problems are if you find sticking doors or windows, cracks in your walls, leaning chimneys, foundation cracks, or bowing basement walls. These are just a few signs of foundation problems, there are many more. When any of these signs begin to pop up it is important to contact a foundation repair specialist to come and inspect your home and handle the situation before it gets worse. There are ways to manage your foundation so that you can prevent most of these foundation issues.

Avoid Foundation Repair:

1. Watch for Minor Cracks. If you have minor cracks in your home, they can simply be taken care of with epoxy glue or a similar remedy. Keep an eye on these because if they start to change rapidly, then you need to contact a professional immediately.

2. Maintain Consisten Moisture Levels. This is important so that you can have a strong foundation. If you are going through a dry spell, then you need to wet the soil around your home to keep it moist to avoid shrinking soil.

3. Monitor Drainage. Make sure your gutter and down spouts are working properly. They should be draining at least 5 feet away from your home’s foundation.

4. Watch for Collecting Puddles Near Your Home. After a storm it is necessary to direct the water away from your home to keep it from pooling into your basement.

5. Install a Moisture Barrier. Effective moisture barriers are at least 5 feet deep and can be necessary so that it will keep the moisture away from your basement and crawl space.

6. Ensure Proper Grading. For a healthy house you need a proper grade with the slope sloping away from the house to drain the water away.

7. Perform Yearly Plumbing Inspections. These systems need to be checked for leaks yearly to stop unwanted water damage.

8. Install Erosion Control Systems where Necessary. These should be installed where the grade is extreme and where there is possible erosion.

9. Beware Collecting Water in Low Areas. In these areas, you can install in ground drains to properly take the water away from the home.

10. Check your Crawl Space. Your crawl space is a large piece to a healthy home. Keep it clean, dry, and inspected regularly to ensure the foundation of the home.

Foundation repair specialists such as KC Pro can take care of your foundation repair needs. If you need assistance, then contact them immediately.

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