Kansas City Concrete Repair

KC Pro specializes in concrete installations and replacement in the Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri areas. If you need new concrete or are looking to update your existing concrete with decorative concrete, request a FREE concrete installation or replacement estimate or give us a call. We know how to handle these simple installations and repair. Our professionals have been trained we assure you that the concrete around your home will look better than ever when we are done working on it.

The installation of concrete is a challenging job. Every job is unique, and we at KC Pro understand that, we can design and install a concrete path or driveway according to your specifications. There multiple types of concrete that you can chose from. You will be able to chose the shape, size, and color that appeals to you. When it comes to new construction concrete installation, give KC Pro a call. Our specialists guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the end product.

Concrete Installation Company

KC Pro specializes in concrete crack repair, foundation repair, and waterproofing, we also specialize in new concrete installation in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Our professionals at KC Pro want you to know that your satisfaction is their number one priority when they are doing construction or installations on your home. We are a trusted company and we continue to be there for the Kansas City area for their foundation needs.

If the concrete around your home or building is showing the effects of seasonal changes, you may want to consider concrete replacement. When these effects occur to the concrete around your home it can cause great hassles for you. If there is a crack in your concrete and someone trips and hurts themselves, then that could have been a problem that was avoided. Have KC Pro come in and repair your home concrete so there are no unnecessary issues.

Concrete installation is a service that KC Pro offers to builders and home owners. If you are in the processes of building a home or new building let KC Pro provide your flat work needs. KC Pro specializes in making traditional concrete look like applied stone. No longer are you tied to traditional gray concrete for your driveway, patio or walkway. Stamped and colored concrete is the process of adding color and textures after placing the concrete. Now you can have elegant concrete additions to your landscape and add value to your home or building.

Concrete has been a staple building product for thousands of years. Whether you desire a patio, walkway, or driveway, concrete is the popular choice. You need a trusted contractor for installation. Poor installation could result in the concrete needing replacing after a few years. We guarantee long life for our concrete. Request a FREE Estimate from KC Pro, your Kansas City Concrete Installation Specialist.