Wet Basement Solutions

Do you have a wet basement? KC Pro is here to help. Wet basements can lead to major basement repairs costing you time and money. Avoid more damages by contacting our team of professionals for all of your basement repair needs. We serve the Kansas City area providing fast, friendly, and reliable service. Finding the best company to repair your wet basement can be a hassle. Choosing our company offers our customers so many advantages. First, we offer the most advanced products made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). We provide warranties for all of our services. Second, we are not a commission based company. Most of our business has been generated by our excellent reputation in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Third, we are insured, bonded and licensed. Our specialized team is trained with the highest level of expertise giving you quality service that you deserve. Fourth, we have over 16 years of experience. We want to help protect your greatest investment by controlling water problems in your basement. Lastly, we want all of your customers 100% safe and satisfied. That’s why we offer Same as Cash Financing for 12 months. If you have a wet basement and need repairs, KC Pro wants to make your basement safe and dry in the Kansas City area.

What Are Common Causes of Wet Basements?

There are many reasons why homeowners have wet basements. In the Kansas City area, flooding due to heavy rains and improper drainage systems can contribute to basement leaks. If you don’t keep water away from your foundation, water can destroy walls, floors, carpet, and furniture. Some common sources of water entry include:

  • Accumulating Surface Water – Is the surface water draining next to your foundation? Look outside of your home for overflowing gutters filled with debris and leaves.
  • Overflowing Gutters – Maintain your gutters on a regular basis to avoid clogged gutters.
  • Improper Downspouts – Make sure you add downspouts to your gutters that are the correct size. Water should run away from the foundation and into a sloped yard. All downspouts need to be at least 10 feet from your home.
  • Landscaping Distance – Trees and shrubs should be planted away from the foundation to avoid soil dehydration underneath the foundation. This causes the foundation to crack and settle.
  • Irrigation – Limit the amount of water dispersed next to the foundation or avoid installing a lawn irrigation system close to your home. All irrigation systems need a rain gauge so it does not turn on when it rains.
  • Pavement Slope – If the pavement settles, the direction of the water flow can change. The settled pavement should be replaced to allow water to flow away from the home.
  • Plumbing Leaks – Leaky pipes can lead to foundation issues and wet basements.
  • Improper Drainage System – Without proper waterproofing solutions, high moisture levels can cause erosion and expansive clay soil.

If you have one or more of these issues, call KC Pro. We can help you identify the common reasons why your home is experiencing a wet basement. Water often causes water damage. Know the signs of water damage before it is too late. In your basement, look for obvious signs such as bowing and leaning walls. Do you notice wall cracks or floor cracks? Wall cracks can cause water leakage through the basement walls. If you wait to waterproof your basement, the cracks will eventually become wider leading to serious foundation repairs.

How Wet Basements Are Fixed and Water is Removed

At KC Pro, we fix wet basements by keeping water from entering your basement. We offer reliable interior and exterior waterproofing systems. Our interior systems include heavy duty sump pumps, sump basins, drain pipes, channel drains, vapor barriers, and effective water channels to remove water.

Without damaging your landscaping, we will dig around the perimeter of your home and install an exterior drainage. Our additional exterior systems consists of hydrostatic mastic, MiraDRI, and MiraDRAIN. These solutions stop water infiltration through the concrete walls.

Wall cracks can also cause wet basements. We can eliminate wall cracks by applying wall crack injections to waterproof your wet basements. Overtime, cracks can widen allowing unwanted pests and moisture into your basement. They can also cause mold growth affecting your family’s health. Our specialized team offers different options for wall crack injections. We offer epoxy injection and urethane injection system. Epoxy is used for bonding crack and restoring the strength of the concrete. Urethane stops water leaks in the foundation wall cracks. We will assess the situation and determine the best wet basement solution for your home.

If you are ever faced with a wet basement situation, don’t hesitate to contact an expert from KC Pro! We will be more than happy to inspect the situation, give you a free estimate, and provide you with the best wet basement solution. Contact us today for more information!