Foundation Repair: Helical Piers

ECP helical piers are ideal for applications where there is a need to resist a tension or compressive force or both. When combined with an ECP helical bracket, these helical screw anchors are ideal for foundation repair applications. ECP helical piers have been used in many utility and civil construction projects over the years, from guy wire applications to underpinning and soil nail applications, upon installation helical piers load tested to prove their capacities. They are a practical solution to many of your home’s foundation problems.

Helical Pier Installation Kansas City

Not all helical piers are equal. On your next project make the ECP helical pier your foundation repair solution of choice and you will not be disappointed. They are both effective and sturdy.

Many times helical piers and helical anchors are the best solution for your foundation project due to one of the following factors:

  • Ease of Installation
  • Little to No Vibration
  • Immediate Load Transfer upon Installation
  • Installed Torque Correlates to Capacity
  • Easily Load Tested to Verify Capacity
  • Installs Below Active Soils
  • All Weather Installation
  • Little to No Disturbance to Jobsite

If you think you might need helical pier installation, contact the experts here at KC Pro. We are more than happy to come assess your situation and provide you with the best solution. If you leave your foundation alone for too long or attempt to fix the problem yourself, you may create a bigger problem for the future. We will be happy to come give you a free estimate for helical piers in your Kansas City home. Contact us today for more information!