Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

KC Pro is your basement waterproofing solution. Do you have a wet basement? No problem! We provide reliable, professional service with the latest waterproofing solutions to keep your basement dry. Choosing the best waterproofing company can be a difficult decision because there are so many factors to consider. At KC Pro, we are a fully insured, bonded and licensed company. We provide warranties for all of your services. If you need assistance with waterproofing your home, we provide free estimates or you can give us a call. We know how important it is to stay safe and dry, that’s why we offer Same as Cash Financing for 12 months for our customers. We are here to answer any questions that you may have about basement waterproofing. Our team of professionals are trained and experienced to help protect your greatest investment from water damages.

To prevent foundation failure, we provide proper drainage in and around your home or building. With 16 years of experience, our business provides valuable service to homeowners and businesses. That’s why our business has been generated by word of mouth in the Kansas City community.

Common Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

Basement leaks can be a serious problem that can immediately get out of hand. If you have a damp basement or notice water in your basement, it is possible you may have a water leak. Noticing basement leaks early can eliminate major flooding and save you money on repairs and replacing damaged furniture. At KC Pro, we want to help keep your basement dry and safe before the leaks become a serious issue. As a homeowner, it is essential to know the signs of water leaks in the interior and exterior of your home.

What causes basement water leaks? There are many causes for basement leaks. Ground water seeps into your foundation and basement floor. If your gutters are clogged with debris or leaves, water could leak into your basement. Make sure your gutters are cleaned regularly and properly installed. Water leaks can also be caused by improper downspouts, close proximity landscaping, poor soil conditions, soil shrinkage, poor site preparation, and plumbing leaks.

What are the signs of basement leaks? Try to catch basement leaks before it ruins your basement. Not only will it destroy your basement, it can affect your family’s health due to mold and mildew exposure. Don’t think water damage can only occur inside your home. Check the exterior as well. Watch for these common signs:

  • Water stains – They can be present on your basement walls, ceiling or floors. This is a clear indication that you have a basement leak.
  • Mold/Mildew – This means that there is a leak and levels of moisture. Mold can be any color. Get it tested immediately if you suspect there is mold in your basement.
  • Musty odor – Wet basements smell musty due to moisture and water leaks.
  • Walls leaning in or out – If your walls are starting to lean or bow, this is a good indicator that there is water in your basement.
  • Rotting wood – Rotting wood indicates moisture problems. The structure of your home can be damaged.
  • Deposits on walls – White chalky substances from mineral deposits can be present on your basement walls. This substance comes from the presence of water.
  • Rusty appliances – Moisture causes rusty fuse boxes and appliances. Immediately seek out the source of the water and fix the problem.
  • Wall cracks – Water can cause basement wall cracks. Avoiding necessary repairs and waterproofing, will make wall cracks larger.

Basement Waterproofing Systems We Install

There are various solutions for fixing basement leaks before they cause major damage to your basement. Contact KC Pro if you need reliable waterproofing solutions. We specialize in waterproofing basements and foundation repair in Kansas. The following are our basement waterproofing Kansas City methods:

Interior Drainage Systems

Living in Kansas City, homes have basements that take on water during the rainy season. Installing an interior drainage system around the inside of your basement walls can eliminate damages to your basement and belongings. Our specialized team offers sump pumps, a water channel, vapor barriers, channel drains, sump pits, and drain pipes. Each interior waterproofing system is beneficial and offers effective water drainage.

  • Sump pumps – This system is effective for removing water from basements and crawl spaces. It sends water away from your home’s foundation. They are a energy efficient and high performing water removal system.
  • Water channel – A pathway is created for water to enter between a basement wall and the footing. The indentations are shaped like a cup. This allows the floor to rest on the footing so water can move freely.
  • Vapor barrier – Installing vapor barriers stops water from entering the home and eliminates moisture in the crawl space.
  • Sump pits – This reduces moisture and humidity in your basement.
  • Sump basins – If you have a great sump pump installed, a sump basin should also be installed. This helps removes water from around and underneath your foundation.
  • Channel drain – The interlocking joints on the channel drain makes this a lightweight drainage system. There is no need to grade a deck surface to a low area.
  • Drain pipe – This removes water from the wall and footing. It can also be used for interior and exterior applications.

Exterior Drainage Systems

This process involves digging up the area around the foundation and rebuilding it similar to a new house installation. At KC Pro, we review your landscaping before the installation process to avoid digging up shrubs around your home. We also provide additional exterior waterproofing solutions to eliminate water infiltration between the basement walls. We apply hydrostatic mastic and MiraDRI to seal the basement walls. We also use MiraDRAIN to allow better drainage to your tile system.

Wall Crack Injections

Wall crack injections are another basement waterproofing solution we offer. Wall cracks allow unwanted pests and insects into your basement, and increase the moisture levels, making your basement a hazardous area for mold growth. Overtime, wall cracks can get larger and lead to even more foundation damage. To repair cracked foundation walls or floors, we use epoxy injection and urethane injection systems to bond cracks and restore the original strength back into the concrete.

Our basement waterproofing solutions will help keep your basement dry throughout even the worst rainy seasons. Our trained technicians will inspect your basement to provide the best waterproofing solution for your home. Contact us today for a free estimate!