Wall Crack Injections

Wall crack injections are another waterproofing solution that KC Pro uses when waterproofing a concrete foundation. Cracks in your walls are dangerous, as they allow unwanted moisture and even small pests, like mice or insects, into your basement. When moisture is allowed to seep into your foundation, it can foster hazardous mold growth that affects the air you breath, posing a dangerous health threat to your family. Water damage not only ruins your possessions, but also the structure of your home. If you’re experiencing unsightly wall cracks and are considering crack injections to repair them, call us for more information. We are your wall crack injection experts.

Wall Crack Injection Options

If you have cracks in your foundation walls or floors, KC Pro uses different solutions based on your home or building’s needs. Epoxy Injection System is used for bonding cracks in your foundation. This process restores the original strength back into the concrete, meaning your wall or floor is just as sturdy as when it was originally built. Urethane Injection System is a hydrophilic injection process used to stop water leaks in foundation wall cracks.

Wall cracks are not to be ignored, as they can worsen over time. Allow the experts at KC Pro to come assess your situation and provide you with the best wall crack injection solution. If you ignore them or try to tend to wall cracks yourself, you may create a bigger problem for the future. We are more than happy to come give you a free estimate.