Floor Cracks

Floor cracks are most commonly caused by moisture coming into your home and hurting your foundation. Moisture can come in through several avenues, such as downspouts that don’t lead away from your home or excess moisture in the soil around your foundation. When the soil around your foundation walls and floors gets wet, it expands, adding unwanted pressure to your foundation walls. This can cause floor and wall cracks such as the one pictured here. Floors in newer homes may also crack because of poor construction, such as if the floor wasn’t allowed to cure properly.

Problems Caused by Floor Cracks

Floor cracks can cause various different problems in your home. Primarily, they hurt your home’s foundation, threatening the structural integrity of the home and possibly making it unsafe. Floor cracks can also potentially allow in unwanted visitors such as rodents and insects. Moreover, floor cracks can allow water to seep into your basement. Water not only damages your personal belongings but can also cause hazardous mold growth. Mold flourishes in wet environments, making an unhealthy living space for you and your family.

Solutions for Floor Cracks

If you’ve noticed cracks in your floors, chances are, you’ve got a more extensive foundation problem to worry about. And chances are you’ve noticed other signs of a faulty foundation such as leaning walls, sticking windows, or water in your basement. Don’t leave the problem to chance, hoping it’ll get better. KC Pro offers several solutions for your floor crack and foundation repair needs. We use only the highest quality ECP products to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible repair job. Our helical anchor installation can provide added support for your home, keeping the pressure from surrounding soil to a minimum. We also provide underpinning services that can keep your foundation floor stable and steady.

At KC Pro, we understand that your home is important to you, and we’d like to help you protect it. When you’ve got cracks in your floor or other foundation problems, give us a call.