Kansas City Foundation Repair

KC Pro specializes in Foundation Repair throughout the Kansas City metro area. We are here to help you. If you are in need of foundation repair on your home or building, request a FREE foundation repair estimate or give us a call. Our professionals keep our customer’s satisfaction their number one priority while working on your home or commercial building, so you are always guaranteed good results.

Foundation repair is needed as a result from soil-related disturbance: poor compaction, overloading, excessive organic materials that expand and shrink with changes in the moisture content of the soil. These conditions produce stresses that damage a home’s foundation and the rest of the structure as well. There are common signs that your home is telling you there is a foundation problem in your home, they are: sticking doors or windows, cracks in your wall, cracks in the foundation, leaning chimney, or bowing basement walls. When you start seeing these, you should contact a professional to handle your foundation issue before the damage become irreversible. KC Pro specializes in several foundation repair systems. Since the weather in our area is ever changing, the conditions are favorable for foundation problems. Watch for the signs and then call the team at KC Pro for help.

Foundation Repair Solution: Underpinning

KC Pro uses foundation underpinning to correct imbalances within a structure’s foundation. Different types of piers are used to stabilize a structure’s load bearing walls. KC Pro will analyze your foundation properties and create a foundation repair system to support your home or building. We use only “The Very Best” in underpinning products from the industry leader, Earth Contact Products. So with the help of our underpinning engineers and the great products from ECP you are sure to get quality foundation repairs from the team at KC Pro.

  • Resistance Piers
  • Helical Piers
  • New Construction Piers
  • Concrete Piers
  • Slab Piers
  • Steel Piers

Foundation Repair Solution: Wall Restraints

When basement walls or interior walls begin to bend or bow, KC Pro uses several types of repair solutions; there are four types of solutions used to stabilize or straighten a basement or foundation wall.

  • Helical Tieback Anchors
  • Steel I-Beams
  • Wall Plate Anchors
  • Carbon Fiber Strips

If you have concerns about your property’s structure and ability to sustain throughout the years, request a FREE Estimate from KC Pro, your Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialist. Contact us today for any questions about foundation repair in Kansas City. The foundation in your home is such an important part of your home, if not the most important part. If you see the signs of foundation failure, don’t wait. Call KC Pro today.