Concrete Sealing

All exterior concrete surfaces should be periodically sealed to protect them against stains and harmful UV rays. When it comes to new driveways and patios, you’ve made a considerable investment in your home, and sealing your concrete is a great way to protect that investment. Sealing and resealing concrete brings back its color and beauty and will increase its life by many years.

Benefits of Sealing Concrete

  • The appearance of your existing concrete surfaces will improve dramatically after it’s been sealed. You can even choose a shiny, high gloss finish or a more subtle matte finish to match the style and aesthetic of your home.
  • Sealing a driveway or patio is one of the least expensive ways to maintain your concrete and increase the resale value of your property.
  • The sealing treatment creates an impermeable layer to keep moisture out of your concrete, and makes it very easy to clean. No more driveway oil stains!
  • As concrete ages, harsh weather can really take a toll. Small cracks and fissures will appear in untreated concrete, which will allow water to seep in. We seal these small cracks before salt, frost, oil and water turn them into a big problem.
    • Resealing concrete will make it look nearly new by restoring its original shine and luster. With harsh winters, the rainy fall and spring seasons and harsh, dry summers, our concrete surfaces can really take a beating. Plus, the freeze-thaw conditions allow water to absorb into non-sealed concrete. It freezes, thaws, and then re-freezes causing cracks in the concrete – an expensive and unsightly problem that’s easy to prevent with our affordable concrete sealing services.

      When we install or replace sidewalks, steps, stoops, driveways and patios, we seal the concrete to protect your investment, and we’ll be available when it’s time to reseal. Just give us a call to get started – we look forward to hearing from you!