Garage Column Cracks

Garage column cracks are often a key indicator of a need for foundation repair. A garage column is the space that frames the sides of garage doors. Garage columns such as the one pictured are often of structural significance, serving as a load bearing column to hold up your garage. Garage columns can be one of the main supports for the structure, making their stability a key aspect of a owning a safe garage. Especially in the case of having living space above your garage, garage column cracks are a dangerous problem that should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Garage column cracks Kansas are often caused by poor soil compaction beneath the column, making the column susceptible to slipping into the unstable soil and cracking.

Our experienced crews can survey the damage to your garage and determine what the best solution would be. Oftentimes, garage column cracks can point to a bigger problem involving the foundation of your garage or home, making more foundation repair a possible necessity. However, the most common solution for garage column cracks is helical pier installation. KC Pro uses only the best ECP helical piers, meaning you’ll get the best repair available. The helical piers are inserted into the ground on the side of your garage columns and are used to push the columns of your garage back up. Lifting the column of your garage will seal any cracks that may be present in the column and prevent the garage from sinking further into previously unstable soil.

If you’ve noticed garage column cracks, don’t wait until the structure is unsafe to call an expert. The professionals at KC Pro can fix the problem and leave your garage as stable as it was the day you bought your home. Give KC Pro a call today.