Garage Sinking or Settling

Have you ever noticed cracks in your basement or jutting out from your garage doors? Many homes and garages have a crack somewhere, but most homeowners assume it’s nothing more than a small problem that’s not harmful but just unpleasing to the eye. However, these cracks are often indicators of a sinking or settling garage foundation. A sinking foundation in your garage can make it unstable and unsafe. If your floor is leaning to one side, there are large gaps between the door and doorjamb, or you’ve experienced water problems, you may be in need of foundation repair. Homes, both new and old, often settle or sink, causing foundation problems. When the soil around your foundation gets wet, it expands, pushing in on your garage’s foundation. The increased pressure can cause cracks in the floors or walls and moisture problems.

One solution to this problem is underpinning piers, which increase the strength and stability of the foundation of the house or building you are trying to repair. Underpinning is accomplished by making the foundation greater in depth or breadth so it either lies on a stronger part of the soil or the whole load of the house is distributed over a much larger area to make it more sturdy. Underpinning can keep your garage from sinking further into unstable soil. Another one of our services for a sinking or settling garage includes creating a grout, a construction material used to fill voids or joints, and connect sections of pre-cast concrete.

Don’t let a sinking or settling garage foundation cause more severe problems. If you’ve experienced any of these problems, give KC Pro a call. Our well trained staff uses only the best products, ensuring you get the quality service you deserve. We are your sinking and settling garage KS experts.

Signs of a Sinking or Settling Garage

  • Separation cracks between the floor and walls
  • Walls rotating outward
  • Sloping floors
  • Moisture problems
  • Leaning or bowed garage walls