Foundation Repair:
Hydraulic Lift Slab Piers

Until now, when it came to leveling concrete slabs the only options were mudjacking or helical piles. Earth Contact Product’s solved this by designing a slab piers system that provides foundation repair contractors an engineered solution to this problem. Contractors now can have the reliability of steel piers with the convenience of portable equipment in a slab jacking application. The ECP Model 166 slab pier system is helping save contractor’s time and money along with solving residential and industrial slab on grade problems.

One unique feature of the ECP Model 166 slab push pier design is that, it uses the same hydraulic equipment for installing other ECP resistance push piers. Foundation repair Missouri contractors will already have most of the equipment necessary to install the ECP 166 slab pier and can start installing them on slab on concrete slabs immediately.

Slab Piers: How They Work

The ECP Model 166 slab pier works as other ECP resistance piers, they are end-bearing piers in that it does not rely on skin friction to produce support. And like with any structure installation, the entire slab acts as the reaction force. The resistance slab piers are installed using a grid pattern with spacing no greater than five foot apart. After all the piers are installed, the slab load is transferred across the piers uniformly and evenly by activating the hydraulic rams simultaneously with the ECP manifold lift system. This is a pier that is one of foundation repair contractors like to use a lot.

So, when do you use the ECP Model 166 slab pier? It’s the solution anytime you have a slab of four or more inches in thickness to stabilize and lift due to failing soil conditions that were too weak to support the slab. Installation is accomplished inside the structure through an eight inch, core drilled access hole. Contractors who have used the slab piers Kansas City report that the piers install quickly due to their minimal setup time making our new resistive slab pier a low cost and time efficient solution for your next slab leveling foundation repair project.

If you’re in need of slab piers or any other concrete services, contact KC Pro today. Our professional foundation repair specialists know how to handle all foundation repair projects, so you don’t have to deal with it yourself.

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