Missouri Foundation Repair

The residents in the state of Missouri know that they can count on the professionals at KC Pro to handle any foundation repair issue. We are full foundation repair specialists who provide you with any services of basement waterproofing, concrete needs, mudjacking or foundation repair. We are proud to be of service to you and our professionals want you to know that the customer’s satisfaction is the number one priority while working on your home. Because of our experience we want you to know that your home is in good hands if we are the specialists in charge of the project. When there is trouble with your home whether there are cracks in your home or if there is flooding in your basement we are the people to turn to. We are your Missouri foundation repair service provider.

Do you have sticking doors or windows? Are there cracks in your exterior or interior bricks? If your home has any of these signs, your home could be experiencing foundation problems. The common signs to look for in your home are sticking doors or windows, cracks in the walls, leaning chimneys, foundation cracks, or bowing basement walls. There are more signs, but these are just a few to watch for.

Because foundation issues get more expensive and dangerous overtime, you’ll want to contact a professional as soon as the problem is discovered. If you wait, more and more issues will begin to arise. It is also important to note that foundation repair should never be a “Do it Yourself” project. Too much is at stake with the foundation … the well being of your entire home depends on the quality of repair. Call KC Pro today and find out what services we offer. We use only the best products in the industry and hire the best employees in the industry.

Missouri Foundation Repair Solutions

What causes foundation problems? Foundation repair can result from soil related issues such as poor compaction, excessive organic materials that expand/shrink or improper drainage. Overtime, these conditions produces stress on your home’s foundation and lead to structural damage.

We can repair your foundation problems by offering the best foundation repair solutions made by ECP, the leading manufacturer. Our foundation repair solutions include underpinning and wall restraints.

Underpinning is used to balance the structure of the foundation. There are different types of piers used to stabilize a structure’s load bearing walls. Our piers include resistance piers, helical piers, new construction piers, concrete piers, and slab piers. Our team of professionals can examine your foundation and create the best foundation repair Missouri system to fix your foundation.

At K.C. Pro we use wall restraints as well as underpinning to repair your foundation. Wall restraints are used when basement walls begin to bend or bow. We can stabilize or straighten a basement wall by using different types of wall restraints. These include tieback anchors, steel I-beams, plate anchors, and carbon fiber strips.

When you see changes in your foundation, contact KC Pro so we can inspect your home. These problems can only get worse as time passes by, so it is very important that you talk to a professional as soon as possible. KC Pro is the company you should call to handle any of your foundation repair Missouri needs. We are a trusted company and we are glad to be of service.

Missouri Basement Waterproofing

Do you have a wet basement? At KC Pro we can waterproof your wet basement. Wet basements can cause mold, mildew, cracked floors, leaning walls, and cracks in the foundation. At KC Pro we only use Earth Contact Products to waterproof your home. They are the very best manufacturers of steel foundation repair, waterproofing and anchoring products in the industry today.

Our waterproofing products: include interior and exterior waterproofing systems, sump pumps, and crawl space encapsulation. To prevent water from entering your home in the first place, an exterior drainage system is the way to go; this system will direct water away from your home to keep your basement dry. Interior drainage systems allow you to safely and effectively remove water that does make its way into your home. Part of any great interior waterproofing system is a sump pump and sump basin. Together, a sump basin and pump will collect the water and pump it out and away from your basement. If you have a crawlspace in your home, it is important to keep that moisture free as well. Sealing your crawlspace with a crawlspace vapor barrier is a sure way to keep water our and improve air quality in your home.

We and our ECP suppliers guarantee your home will be safe and dry. ECP guarantees a strong defense against these foundation problems in your house, so let us install them for you today. Water takes the path of least resistance, so if you have a basement or foundation cracks then you will face some serious water seepage. That is why its important to invest in professional wall crack injection as soon as possible. Calling the right company is important in order to guarantee that your home stays safe and comfortable. Look to KC Pro for all of your basement waterproofing needs.

We want to help you overcome the issues in your home. Contact us today so that we can help you with your basement waterproofing, concrete, mudjacking, or foundation repair needs.