Slab Cracks

A common occurrence in homes today is concrete slab cracks. These cracks can be a nuisance and unappealing to the eye. However, they can also be harmful to your home. Slab cracks are a key indicator that your home is in need of proper foundation repair. Whether your concrete slab was laid improperly and simply didn’t cure right or normal concrete shrinkage has occurred, the cracks that result are not a problem to be overlooked. The foundation is the basis of your home, meaning that keeping it stable and strong is of the utmost importance.

Concrete slab foundation settlement occurs when there are changes in the moisture content and density of the soils beneath the slab. There are several reasons why these changes in moisture content occur. The soil will dry out during times of drought, causing it to shrink. When this happens, a void is created which causes the slab to sink and crack. If your home or building had poorly compacted soil when it was built, the loose soil beneath the slab can create a void. This will also cause the slab to settle into the void creating cracks. If plumbing lines are installed beneath the slab, they can leak, causing the soil to shift even more.

Slab cracks are commonly accompanied by similar problems such as cracked or leaning walls and sticking doors or windows. When your home’s foundation settles, cracks often occur. Another cause of slab cracks could be the increased pressure on your home from the soil surrounding it. Water seeps into the soil and makes it expand, causing your walls to receive more pressure than they’re accustomed to. Our foundation repair services are designed to keep your slab and walls from cracking include helical anchor installation and underpinning. Helical anchors are designed to keep the soil from adding more pressure to your walls, and underpinning can lift your home’s foundation to make sure the cracked slab is on stable soil. We also provide various other services such as wall crack injections, meant to keep water and pests out of your home, and basement waterproofing, which can keep moisture from damaging your possessions and your home’s structure.

If you notice a slab crack, call the professionals at KC Pro to come and take a look and offer the solutions needed for your slab repair. We use steel push piers to support and stabilize the structure by transferring the weight of the structure from weak soil to a more stable soil. These steel piers are driven deep into the ground to load bearing soils. Each pier is field load tested after it is installed. During the load transfer, hydraulic jacks are placed at multiple locations, reducing the load on each resistance pier to only the design working load. Helical piers are another solution to slab foundation repair. Helical piers are ideal for applications where there is a need to resist tension or compressive force or both. Helical piers are similar to a large screw that provides foundation support. They are used when unstable soil us beneath the slab or foundation or your home. All of the products we use are made by Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer of foundation repair products made in the industry.

Concrete slab problems may seem like no big deal, but its important to get your slab inspected by an expert if you’ve experienced any problems. Taking the time and money to fix your slab cracks now can save you money and hassle in the future. Don’t just sit around and hope your slab cracks don’t get worse. Call KC Pro today.