Stoop and Porch Problems

Many American homeowners today think of their home’s porches with nostalgia. They remind them of a simpler time, where they could sit on the front porch, visit with neighbors, and just enjoy the outdoors. However, stoops and porches are just as susceptible to problems as the rest of your home. Oftentimes, porches lean to one side or separate from their stairs, creating a danger for people coming into your home. Cracked stoops and porch problems are not only cumbersome for people, but it can also indicate a much larger problem with the foundation of your home and porch. Common soil problems such as erosion, poor compaction, and expanding soil can cause your porch to settle or sag, creating an uneven, unsafe, and unappealing environment. People are often skeptical of having their porch foundation repaired because they don’t see the problem as something so large scale. However, a simple underpinning can restore your porch to its former glory, making your home as appealing as it was the day you purchased it.

The most common service we provide for a cracked stoop or uneven porch is helical pier installation. Our crews can safely and efficiently install your helical piers to make your porch more stable. We can also inspect your home to see if your sagging, settling porch isn’t just an indicator of a much larger problem such as a settling home foundation. If it is, we can point you in the right direction as to how to repair your home’s foundation.

When the weather is nice and you’ve got company over, don’t stress over whether they’ll hurt themselves on your cracked stoop or leaning porch. A quick call to KC Pro can remedy your porch and stoop problems and leave your home ready to entertain. Give KC Pro a call today.