Sump Basin Installation

When you have a sump pump installed into your home, a sump basin should also be installed. It goes along with the sump pump to remove the unwanted water from around and under your home that can cause unwanted moisture and flooding. The sump basin Kansas City is one of the key elements that are overlooked in having a quality sump pump system. We only use the most trusted products on your home, so that your waterproofing system is guaranteed to keep the water out. We install Earth Contact Products. They are considered the very best manufacturers of steel foundation repair, waterproofing and anchoring in the industry. KC Pro only installs the best for your homes, we will take care of your sump pump and sump basin needs.

Sump Basins: How They Work

The ECP Sump Basin is the most efficient, safe, and innovative sump pit available today. To guarantee efficiency, it is molded from high strength, impact resistant polyethylene. Our ECP Sump Basin has been shaped in a unique bell shaped design. This will increase efficiency and it also will increase the life of your basement drainage system as a whole. The bell shape is designed to keep more than twice the amount of water surrounding the sump pump. This way of doing it prevents short cycling to keep it living longer. This will be the standard for the future with its tough, seamless, and corrosion proof construction.

The benefits of having the ECP Sump Basin Kansas City installed are as follows:

  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Clear Lid for Inspection
  • Built in Sump Pump Platform
  • Prevents Sediment from Clogging Sump Pump
  • 33% More Total Water Capacity

When you are in need of a waterproofing service provider, the professionals at KC Pro have you and your home covered. With are state of the art equipment and out repair specialists, we have everything under control. You just need to contact us first. We can set up a free estimate and get to business as soon as possible.