Exterior Waterproofing Services

Installing an exterior drainage system in an existing structure is an extremely effective solution for waterproofing a basement or foundation wall. It often requires digging up the area around the foundation and rebuilding it. Some exterior drainage systems require digging up shrubs or other obstacles around a home or building, but our drainage specialists will build a plan and review the landscaping or terrain requirements prior to the drainage system installation process.

When waterproofing a foundation and installing interior and/or exterior draining systems, sump pumps are usually installed to ensure that the water is collected and pumped away from the structure. Sump pumps can save you thousands of dollars by maintaining the value of your home, protecting your foundation, and most importantly, preventing foundation failure.

Exterior Waterproofing of Foundation Walls

KC Pro provides additional exterior waterproofing solutions to stop water infiltration through your concrete walls; these additional solutions can be applied as individual solutions or used together.

  • Hydrostatic Mastic: a rubberized product is applied to the foundation cracks or an entire wall to create a seal that prevents water infiltration.
  • MiraDRI: a self-adhering waterproofing membrane is applied to foundation walls in sheets that completely cover an entire wall. These sheets overlap each other to secure a tight seal.
  • MiraDRAIN: which is used to not only waterproof your foundation walls, but to allow for better drainage to your tile system.

If you’ve ever experienced water in your basement or crawl space, it’s time for an exterior waterproofing system to prevent mold growth and water damage in your home. Every home or building has unique foundation waterproofing and repair needs, so call us today for a free estimate from Kansas City’s leading waterproofing and foundation repair company.