Interior Waterproofing Services

Imagine waking up after a massive storm to find your basement is completely dry. Interior waterproofing systems can literally save your basement and your belongings from damage. Basements and warehouses are the most common locations for interior waterproofing systems. Particularly in the Kansas City area, homes have basements that take on water during the rainy season. KC Pro has a quick solution to your wet basement by installing a drainage system around the inside of the basement along the walls. KC Pro pays special attention to the floor and wall joints of your basement because these are the most common entry points for water. If you have elaborate landscape around your foundation an interior waterproofing system is a good solution to protect your investment. At KC Pro we only use the best products available for your home. We use Earth Contact Product which are a trusting brand in today’s manufacturers. When we install interior waterproofing Kansas City solutions, these are some of the products needed for installation:

Sump Pumps

When you have wet basement and crawl space problems, using a sump pump can help. We use sump pumps that are the most energy efficient, highest performing, and the longest lasting on the market. They remove the water and send it away from your home’s foundation.

Water Channel

This creates a pathway for water that enters between the wall and footing and is designed for new construction and retrofitting. The cup shaped indentations allow the floor to rest on the footing and allow the water to move freely without adding moisture back into your home.

Vapor Barrier

These stop the water from coming into your home and they stop the moisture from the ground from rotting the wood in the crawl space. Vapor barriers are a key element in waterproofing your basement or crawl space.

Sump Pit with Lid

The sump pit is necessary to reduce the moisture so that it reduces the humidity level in your basement.

Channel Drain

The connections on the channel drain have interlocking joints which make them quick and easy. It is a lightweight drain system that eliminates the need for grading a deck surface to a low area.

Drain Pipe

This drainage system is strong, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. It can be used in both exterior and interior applications. When you combine this with the water channel it will remove unwanted water from the wall and footing cold joint.

KC Pro can install the interior waterproofing system to finished and completed basements or buildings. Interior waterproofing systems are a great way to waterproof your basement and ensure proper drainage. Contact us today for a free estimate. For all your interior waterproofing Kansas City problems, we have solutions!