Just One Way to Stabilize a Failing Foundation

Steel Push Piers

Many times when people find that they have a foundation problem they make the problem out to be way worse than they need to. If you know the proper way to handle the situation, then there would be no need to worry. KC Pro understands the way a failing foundation acts, so they know how to handle the situation. Often, steel push piers are the most common foundation repair products used today. The steel push piers are part of a family of products that also includes micro piles, push piers, or resistance piers. These all can be used when stabilizing a failing foundation. They are some of the very best products used in the industry today and they are guaranteed to help your home stay strong and sturdy.

The steel pier is not like the concrete cylinders that some foundation repair companies use. These do not rely on or require skin friction to produce support, and the piers are all load tested after it is installed. The safety factor in these steel piers are high so that it will have the maximum performance on your home. These piers can be installed from the inside or outside of the structure. When preparing the foundation for adding the steel push piers, concrete footing is notched in order to place the bracket under the stem wall. Once the bearing is in, the area under it is smoothed and leveled and the stem wall face is adjusted to the vertical point where the bracket will be attached. Then the steel resistance pier bracket is secured into the footing with anchor bolts. Professional engineers should be the ones installing these steel push piers in order to insure a successful installation.

This is the most common way to stabilize your foundation, so call KC Pro today to get these installed for your home. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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