Check Your Foundation Before Winter!

Take Care of Foundation Repairs Before Winter

Prepping your Kansas City foundation and home for winter can be a daunting task, but should not be over looked. Maintaining your home’s foundation, windows, basement/crawl space and other structural components are essential to keep a happy, healthy home. As winter approaches, with the guarantee of unpredictable, harsh weather, it’s never too soon to pull out the winterization/weatherproofing checklist and get started. Planning and preparation can prevent costly and devastating problems and keep your heating bills down and your home warm.

Basement Windows and Doors

If your basement has windows it is now time to install storm windows and check for damage to panes and frames. Older windows should be replaced with energy efficient windows which are constructed with insulated glass. Cracks in window frames should be sealed to prevent cold air and wind from seeping in. This is also a prime time to check for misaligned windows and doors. Do not dismiss as a faulty window or door; recognize that it is probably caused by a problem with the foundation of your Kansas City home. Call us, we offer free estimates! Caulk can also be added on the interior of window and glass trim. Weather stripping should be added to all doors where there are gaps to once again prevent the cold from entering.


Check the entire exterior face of your home’s foundation for cracks and gaps; large cracks must be repaired by a professional, but small, hairline cracks can often be repaired with caulk or other fillers. Brick foundations can be sealed in order to avoid damage during the freezing and thawing process.

Don’t forget about your gutters! Inspecting and cleaning out your gutters is an important chore, because clogged gutters can result in flooding in your basement and major damage to your roof and walls when the snow begins to melt. Check your gutters for leaks and check the drainage by making sure the downspouts are not discharging water at the base of the foundation. Water must be directed away from your home’s foundation to avoid water seepage and basement flooding.

Basements and Crawl Spaces

Check your basement or crawl space for puddles and/or other signs of moisture. This moisture is commonly resulting from clogged gutters or the incorrect slope of the soil surrounding the home’s foundation. Also, you should most definitely make sure that all posts and supports are straight and firm. Winter is not the time to have to deal with foundation repairs, so check before the snow falls. Check for rot by poking wood posts with a screwdriver. Always call a professional if you notice any failing beam or support, this could be a very serious problem.

Foundation repair in Kansas City, MO can be extremely costly, time consuming and stressful. Take a couple of weekends to prepare your home and all of your efforts will pay off.

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