Basement Cracks and Foundation Cracks in Kansas City

Basement and Foundation Cracks: Should You Be Concerned?

The foundation is an integral part of every structure, it performs the task of supporting the buildings weight and dispersing it to the ground below. When there are cracks in your basement or foundation walls, the foundation will no longer be able to disperse weight properly and your home may begin to settle. It may begin to experience further damage including waterproofing and structural issues. The longer you leave these problems unattended, the more expensive and dangerous they could possibly become. Water takes the path of least resistance, meaning if you have basement cracks, water will be seeping into your home, causing mold and damage. So, if you do have basement and foundation cracks you should be concerned, but don’t panic, there are corrective solutions for you and your family. Here at KC Pro our professional contractors and quality products will fix up your home and return it to its original condition. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

What do Basement Cracks and Foundation Cracks Mean for My Kansas City Home?

If you take notice of basement cracks in your home, you will want to have them dealt with as soon as possible. Cracks are often signs of a bigger structural issues, and the longer you ignore it the more expensive it could become. Often times, Basement and foundation cracks are the result of structural settlement. Settlement occurs when a home sinks into the soil underneath the home. While this is a serious issue, do not worry, it is extremely common especially in older homes. When it settles it might only sink into the soil a few inches, but these couple of inches can have severe consequences. Including cracking, bowing, and leaning walls. Additionally wall cracks will bring more problems with them. So you see, the longer you let your foundation continue settling and untreated, the more quickly problems will pile up.

As mentioned earlier, water takes the path of least resistance, so, if you have basement cracks it is almost a guarantee that your home will be experiencing waterproofing issues. If you have not taken the proper precautions then you’ll have standing water and mold growing in your home. Mold is especially dangerous because of the spores it releases while spreading. These spores are extremely unhealthy if breathed in and may have severe health effects. Some worthwhile investments to prevent future waterproofing issues are a sump pump and drainage tubes. However, the easiest solution to minimize the amount of water seeping through cracks is to clean out gutters. If your home’s gutters are full of leaves and mud then water will flow freely and gather around your home’s foundation. Simply cleaning out gutters can have a big effect on basement waterproofing.

What can I do about Foundation and Basement Cracks?

If you notice that you have these cracks the best thing for you to do is immediately contact a professional foundation repair and waterproofing contractor to come and examine your property. If you call KC Pro we will send one of our structural engineers to your property, they will assess your situation by taking the proper measurements and by using a laser level to determine exactly how much your home has settled. From there our KC Pro team will be able to provide you with the best service in the industry. You can rely on us to be your basement and foundation crack repair specialists.

Here at KC Pro our expertly trained contractors will use the best services in the industry to correct your homes foundation and return the structural integrity to the house. The most well known and proven procedure is the process of underpinning. When we underpin a home, we use helical and steel pier products to provide additional support for your home’s foundation. Helical and steel piers are driven deep into the soil below your home until they reach the stable footing of bedrock. The opposing end is then placed under the foundation, essentially propping it up. These piers require a minimally invasive procedure and can be installed at anytime of the year. We can use underpinning not only to support your home, but to raise it to its original position. Trust KC Pro to provide you with the underpinning services you deserve.

Foundation settlement may also result in bending, bowing, and leaning walls. These walls may be a scary sight, and are definitely intimidating for most homeowners, however, KC Pro has the ability to correct them with Helical Tiebacks. Helical tiebacks attach to the inside of a basement wall and extend into the soil outside. They are tightened overtime until the walls are back into their original upright positions. Once they are back to their designated position, you can rest assured that your walls will not be moving any time soon.

KC Pro uses the best products in the industry. We use Earth Contact Products or ECP. These galvanized steel products are guaranteed to support your foundation and last for many years to come. ECP is the most well known foundation repair product producer in the industry. They are respected for their quality craftsmanship and customers service. We want the best for our customers, that’s why we use Earth Contact Products. There is no better supplier of helical and steel piers.

If you have foundation issues call today! You want a company that will take care of you, and with KC Pro you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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