Gutter Cleaning: Essential Home Maintenance for Your Foundation

Everyone knows gutters are important. They collect the rain water and keep it from spilling off the edge of your roof and making a mess of your landscaping. However, most people don’t give gutters much thought beyond that … and they should. Your home’s gutter system is a critical component to the structural stability of your home. Why, you ask? Because gutters and downspouts carry rainwater away from your foundation. Without them, your home would be at risk for developing foundation leaks, cracks, a wet basement or even worse. It may seem like a chore to keep them clean, but it doesn’t have to be … and in fact, it’s an essential task to properly maintain your home and will help prevent many problems in the years ahead.

If the thought of climbing a wobbly ladder to reach and clean your gutters is making you feel anxious, you’ll definitely want to read on. These days, there are plenty of gutter tools that offer exceptional gutter cleaning without risking life and limb. We’ve found a few amazing products that don’t require a ladder and which will ensure your gutters are kept clean and working in perfect condition.

1. Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Accessories

If you own a standard Shop-Vac you’re in luck! Shop-Vac supplies a specially designed gutter cleaning kit that takes care of twigs, dry leaves and pine needles. Simply fit the attachments onto the end of your hose and you’re ready to go. The curved attachment is perfectly angled to reach over the edge of your gutter and vacuum any offending debris straight into the vacuum chamber.

2. Gutter Cleaning Tongs

For times when leaves and other debris have become too wet and heavy for your trusty Shop-Vac to manage, gutter cleaning tongs will come to the rescue. They are able to reach up and lift out bulkier debris with one grasp and are attached to a metal pole that’s operated by a rope from the ground.

3. Rotary Gutter Cleaner

With its rotating brushes and powerful jet spray, the rotary gutter cleaner will get to work on tough stains and built up dirt. Whether you need to brush away debris or power wash particularly dirty gutters, a rotary gutter cleaner is handy for many cleaning jobs around the home.

4. Gutter Flushing System

Blast away stubborn debris that has collected in your gutters with a gutter flushing system. Designed to extend to reach your gutters easily, this innovative tool hooks up to your garden hose and offers three different spray settings. Some models even feature a mirror so you can see how your efforts are paying off from the ground!

Your gutters do a great job of keeping rainwater away from your home where it can cause problems. That’s why it’s essential that you keep them in great condition. So, if ladders are a little too much to handle, try using one or a combination of these tools to ensure your gutters are always clean and clear of debris. With proper maintenance, they’ll keep doing their job perfectly and you won’t have costly foundation repairs down the road.

And don’t forget about downspouts! Even if your gutters are in tip-top shape, it’s important to keep the rainwater from pooling at the base of your home. Contact us today about our downspout extension options, and learn how we can keep your basement nice and dry for years to come!

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  1. Anna D. Noland says:

    Everyone knows gutter cleaning is an important task. They collect the rain water and keep it from spilling off the edge of your roof and making a mess of your landscaping. If you want to maintain your home and protect home sidings, windows and doors from water damage then make sure that you do gutter cleaning on regular basis.

  2. AirBnb Cleaners Sydney says:

    Cleaning roof gutters is a small task that can prevent big problems. Thank for posting this great article.

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