Basement Waterproofing Tips

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Basement Waterproofing Kansas

The basement is a place to spend time with friends and family and a place to store belongings. It is important that you understand the threat that water can pose to a home, and take the necessary precaution to avoid any problems. Even though you may not have standing water in your basement, moisture can still cause a multitude of problems. One of which being mold. Mold flourishes in dark and damp environments. As it spreads it releases spores into the air. These spores can be dangerous to your health, especially when you consider that basement air circulates throughout the whole house. Meaning, that spores will easily contaminate the air throughout your home. If large amounts of water enter, then your possessions can be damaged and your foundation could suffer. At Kansas City Professionals we specialize in basement water proofing. We are your basement Waterproofing Kansas experts.

Basement Waterproofing Missouri

Some products that we offer are, interior and exterior drainage systems. Included in interior systems are sump pumps, water channels, and vapor barriers. Sump pumps are activated when the water in the sump basin reaches a designated level, it will then pump out any moisture in your basement. Water channels create a path between the wall and the footing, the water can then flow freely without going into your home. The final interior system is a vapor barrier. These will waterproof your crawl space and prevent wood from rotting. External systems usually consist of digging up the area around the foundation of the home and adding newer up to date waterproofing features. The final waterproofing service we offer is crack injections. If your foundation walls or basement walls have a crack, then they are inviting moisture into your home. With our epoxy crack injection the wall will be sealed and stronger than ever. Call today! We are your Basement Waterproofing Missouri Experts.

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  1. Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for this advice for waterproofing a basement. I didn’t know that water channels can be built to let water flow freely without going into the home. I’m kind of interested to learn how these channels are laid out or if it depends on the layout of the property.

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