Signs and Symptoms of Foundation Failure

Signs and Symptoms of Foundation Failure

Foundation issues can be the cause of multiple factors. The first being soil condition. Soil expands and contracts depending on temperature and precipitation. Hot, saturated soil expands and puts pressure on exterior walls. This is called Hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure can cause wall cracks, and those cracks can allow water to enter your home. Dry shrinking soil causes problems of its own too. When soil sinks it leaves voids underneath the slab in your basement and garage. This can cause slab cracks and home settlement. Here at KC Pro we want to make sure that you are educated, so that you can spot foundation failure before it becomes a severe and costly problem. Remember, the longer you wait the more serious the problem becomes.

Signs of foundation failure include sticking doors and windows. If you notice that the doors in your home are not opening or closing correctly it could be the foundation. The second more noticeable sign is wall cracks. Even small cracks can let water in, make sure you get these checked out by a professional. The most severe is foundation cracks and sloping floors. But don’t worry, we have the products and techniques to repair your foundation and raise your home to its designated elevation.

At KC Pro we supply our experts with the very best products in the industry. We use load tested, long lasting, foundation repair products from Earth Contact products that are guaranteed to do the job right. If you come to us for your foundation repair you can be sure that we will not have to come back any time soon. We use helical, steel, and slab piers to raise settled homes. In addition we also cover waterproofing and concrete installation jobs. Give us a call today – we are your Foundation Repair experts!

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