Basement Crack Repair

Basement Cracks in Kansas City Homes

If your home has a basement, you are probably checking for basement cracks Kansas City. Keeping an eye on any changes in the floor or walls is essential to maintaining the strength and stability of your foundation and your overall home. Technicians from KC Pro will come and see how water is making its way into your basement. If your downspouts don’t lead far enough away from your home, water works its way through the soil and can get through any basement cracks Kansas City. With any excess moisture in the soil around your foundation, the soil expands and adds unwanted pressure to the floor and walls. The pressure can push to the point of cracking the foundation. This makes the foundation unsafe when the structure is weakened.

Another concern when water creates cracks is the chance for insects or small rodents like mice to make their way into your home. Another concern is the growth of mold because of the wet environment now in your basement. You and your family will now be breathing the air that has been effected by the mold growth. Finally your possessions are at risk when water makes it way through the cracks of the cement foundation. KC Pro has the experience to create a solution to seal up the basement cracks and basement waterproof Kansas City MO your basement.

Basement Waterproofing in Kansas City MO

When KC Pro waterproofs your basement, they will use high quality products from Earth Contact Products (ECP). Cracks in your basement can be handled several ways. You may need to use helical piers to keep pressure of the soil to a minimum avoiding cracking. Epoxy injections and urethane injections are used to bond the cracks and restore strength back to concrete. You may need to have helical piers installed to keep the walls strong and avoid future cracking. Our professionals can offer you many solutions to meet your basement waterproofing needs and keep your basement dry.

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