What is the Purpose of Steel Piers?

Steel Piers Kansas City

If you have noticed your foundation sinking or settling, you may need to have a professional from KC Pro come out to check your foundation. The movement in the soil under your foundation can cause cracks in your foundation floor or walls. The soil around your home can contract and expand because to the how dry or wet the soil is. With this constant change of dry and wet, the support around your home’s foundation can change. Too much water in the soil can put pressure on the foundation and cause cracks in the foundation. These cracks added to the settling of the foundation can create an unsafe situation for your family’s living environment. You are going to want a solution that will lift your house back up to its original position. Steel piers is the answer to your needs.

Steel Pier Installation Kansas City

Steel piers are used when your foundation is in need of repair due to the settling of the foundation. Their job is to support and stabilize the load bearing walls. The steel piers transfer the weight of the structure from weaker soils onto the steel piers. KC Pro uses steel piers from Earth Contact Products (ECP) which are high quality materials. Each pier is installed and load tested individually. As they are installed they are driven into the bedrock deeper under the unstable soil. Once again providing your home with support. The steel piers have no loose parts that can cause a problem further down the road. Steel pier installation Kansas City requires small excavation and less time time on the job than if you choose concrete piers. It is good to know that your valuable landscape will hardly be disturbed. With steel piers there is no waiting time for concrete to cure so you can more right on with your home projects. They are designed to last for the life of your home. Once you have steel piers Kansas City installed your home will be safe for your family.

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