What Water Can Do to Your Foundation

Basement Waterproofing in Kansas City

When your house was built, soil was dug away to make a hole for the foundation. The foundation was built and the soil was replaced back around the outside walls to fill in the space. That soil was broken up when it was dug leaving gaps that make it easy for water to work its way through the spaces. When the soil holds a lot of water, the wet soil expands and puts pressure on the foundation walls. During dry times the soil dries out relieving the pressure. This goes back and forth over many years. With the movement of the soil, especially when it is wet, the pressure placed on the foundation walls can eventually cause a crack. The team at KC Pro can help stop the water damage with our basement waterproofing services. They will create the perfect plan to get and keep your basement dry.

How To Stop the Water Damage

One component of basement waterproofing is installing a modern sump pump. KC Pro uses Earth Contact Products (ECP) which are high quality, very reliable and energy efficient. A sump pump will draw the water away from your basement and foundation keeping them dry and safe. You may also need some special drainage with drain pipes to help with keeping the water away from your foundation. Sealing up the wall cracks in the foundation with epoxy or urethane injections will help to keep the water from seeping into your basement. You may have to take your basement waterproofing Kansas one step further and have some exterior waterproofing done. KC Pro will check over your gutters and landscape to see if these have an effect on the water that may be finding its way into your basement. All these solutions will help you take care of your basement waterproofing Kansas City needs and make your house dry and safe for your family.

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