Concrete Repair, Replacement, Refinishing in Kansas City

Why is unleveled or cracked concrete bad for your home?

What makes your driveway or walkway a safety hazard? The answer is concrete cracks. Many homeowners don’t know their homes are a safety hazard until someone trips on their property, or kids riding their bicycle in the driveway fall off and get injured. Not only will cracks in your concrete cause bodily harm, they are unsightly which can decrease your home’s curb value. Homeowners with cracked concrete should hire a professional contractor to inspect their home. They could be an indicator that your home is experiencing foundation issues. At KC Pro, we find the source of your cracks and provide a crack repair solution for your Kansas City home.

Due to extreme changes in the moisture level within the soil, many homes in Kansas City experience settlement. Too much water causes saturated soil and weakens the ground beneath the foundation. Excess moisture can be a result of poor surface drainage, plumbing leaks, or inadequate waterproofing.

During hot and dry weather conditions, the soil may shrink due to loss of moisture. This causes the soil to dry out and contract, resulting to settlement damage. Trees planted too close to the foundation or extensive drought conditions are some of the factors that cause the soil to dry out.

Concrete Repair in Kansas City

If the concrete is not severely damaged, there is no need to replace it. At KC Pro, we offer concrete repair services for the residents in Kansas City. Homes that have cracked patios, sideways, and walkways need concrete repair. Our experts use a process called mudjacking to lift and stabilize your concrete. Not only do we service homes, we also level concrete for commercial buildings.

First, we drill small holes into the concrete slab. Next, we fill the holes with Portland cement pulverized top soil and water to fill the voids and lift the concrete. After the concrete is raised, the cord holes are filled with concrete. Finally, the repairs are complete. Mudjacking offers many advantages:

  • No need to replace landscaping or concrete
  • Economical concrete repair method
  • Quick and easy process
  • Concrete Replacement and Installation in Kansas City

At KC Pro, we know how important it is to keep your family safe, that’s why we offer concrete replacement and installation in Kansas City. As the seasons change, your concrete also changes. You may start to notice concrete cracks spreading throughout your sidewalk, walkway or driveway. Our experts can assess your concrete to determine if you need concrete replacement and installation. We provide services to new construction homes or buildings.

Concrete Refinishing and Decorative Concrete in Kansas City

Many of our customers choose concrete refinishing and decorative concrete in Kansas City. They have become a popular choice for new homes and buildings. Here are the benefits of refinishing and decorating your concrete:

  • They provide unique designs and installations set to your specifications
  • You can choose the shape, size and color of the concrete
  • We can add texture to your concrete, by making your traditional concrete look like stone
  • Increases the value of your home

Our company understands that every job is different, that’s why we provide an array of repair services such as concrete repair, concrete replacement, and concrete refinishing. Call us today for a free estimate. We are here to help the residents in Kansas City and the surrounding areas!

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