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Concrete Repair, Replacement, Refinishing in Kansas City

Why is unleveled or cracked concrete bad for your home? What makes your driveway or walkway a safety hazard? The answer is concrete cracks. Many homeowners don’t know their homes are a safety hazard until someone trips on their property, or kids riding their bicycle in the driveway fall off and get injured. Not only Read More...

Concrete Repair in Kansas City

Repair Ugly Concrete Problems Concrete expands and contracts as temperature changes and moisture levels vary. All cracks can be classified as active or dormant. If cracks are active, they show movement in direction, width or depth over a certain period of time. If the cracks are dormant, they show no signs of change. Some dormant Read More...

How to Use Custom Concrete to Make Your Yard Beautiful

Use Custom Concrete to Beautify Your Backyard! Are you looking for something new to have in your yard to spice things up? If you are in this position and you have no ideas other than lawn decorations, then you should take a look into concrete installation, stamping, and coloring. This is a way that you Read More...

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