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Signs and Symptoms of Foundation Failure

Signs and Symptoms of Foundation Failure Foundation issues can be the cause of multiple factors. The first being soil condition. Soil expands and contracts depending on temperature and precipitation. Hot, saturated soil expands and puts pressure on exterior walls. This is called Hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure can cause wall cracks, and those cracks can allow...

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How to Use Custom Concrete to Make Your Yard Beautiful

Use Custom Concrete to Beautify Your Backyard! Are you looking for something new to have in your yard to spice things up? If you are in this position and you have no ideas other than lawn decorations, then you should take a look into concrete installation, stamping, and coloring. This is a way that you...

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DIY or Professional Foundation Repair?

DIY Foundation Repair is Never a Good Idea DIY projects are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. You can find how to do almost anything by yourself on the internet now-a-days. It is so simple to go to Google, type in what you want to know, and it will tell you...

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10 Steps to Avoid Foundation Repair

Follow These 10 Steps to Protect Your Foundation When you are a homeowner there is nothing more important that making sure your home has a sturdy foundation. Your foundation is what your whole house is standing on, so it needs to be kept healthy and strong. It is the base of the house so when...

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Just One Way to Stabilize a Failing Foundation

Steel Push Piers Many times when people find that they have a foundation problem they make the problem out to be way worse than they need to. If you know the proper way to handle the situation, then there would be no need to worry. KC Pro understands the way a failing foundation acts, so...

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